Update on WhyMoolah

Dear friends of WhyMoolah, Happy New Year!

Here at PlayMoolah, we have always strived to design and deliver educational, digital, and community experiences that demystify money, and activate responsible decisions through cultivating daily practices, and ultimately, improve our users’ lives.

Back in 2013, we embarked on a journey to help young adults learn about key financial management skills, make smarter and more informed money decisions, and break down complex topics into bite-sized, more accessible pieces. And WhyMoolah was born that October. This was followed by the launch of WhyMoolah Act 2 in 2014 due to popular demand.

Fourteen months later since launch, we have received very positive, encouraging feedback from our users even till this day, on how WhyMoolah has personally helped them:

“I never bothered to read through all of the fine print regarding money issues, so I am honestly thankful that the app has been able to put across important info in an easy to digest manner. For that, I am grateful.” – working professional, 26 year old

“… its rare that I come across an app that is dedicated to teaching younger singaporeans on finance issues. The unique part of it is that it focus on our policy and our systems, such CPF, medisave so on and so forth. I find that it is very helpful in letting people actually realise how much money they need to survive in singapore as well as the contingencies they should plan for. [sic]” – 3rd year university student

User feedback and stories like these inspire us to create products and experiences that are meaningful and beneficial to our users, and one such initiative is our community-focused Honesty Circles. But sometimes it also means having to make tough decisions – in this instance, to discontinue developing WhyMoolah Act 3. Trust us, it has not been the easiest decision for the team. While we wanted very much to pursue the development of Act 3, we made the decision to stop at Act 2 as we didn’t have sufficient financial resources to sustain its full development. And we hope you, our users, will understand. That said, WhyMoolah is not going anywhere. We will still be maintaining it so you can continue to play at ease.

We have learnt a lot from WhyMoolah, and are applying those insights we’ve gathered toward building future products that are better aligned with PlayMoolah’s mission and core values. As a team, we couldn’t be more gratified, knowing that it has had an impact on our users’ lives.

To all our WhyMoolah users, thank you for joining us on this amazing ride! Stay tuned as we continue to innovate with the power of play and interaction, and build great products to better serve your needs.

Team PlayMoolah